In 2011, ARIAS began seeking options for streamlining and automating the processes underlying field observation, field data collection, quality control, digital signatures, report distribution and data visualization; including appropriate integration with our existing in-house developed Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and CORE database application. Our research resulted in choosing an Industry Vertical Software Framework (MetaField™) developed by Agile Frameworks. MetaField™ is a web-based field information management system which includes field data collection; quality control for review and report generation; and delivery to manage consolidation, distribution, and dissemination of final reports.


As an additional option, ARIAS can also provide the client and project team a customized and secure CorePort™ Portal which provides 24/7 access to field observations, test results and project information virtually the moment they are completed. The client and project team will have access to their very own portal to get all of the latest information to help minimize and reduce delays and keep the projects on track. Through the use of CorePort™ the following can be performed:

- Instantly Access Test Reports and Project Documents
- Turn Data into Decisions Faster
- Keep Projects on Track and on Budget
- Minimize Construction Delays and Rework
- Reduce Document Management Costs and Go Paperless

The default secure access CorePort™ portal is based on a document folder structure and provides full-text searching and various document sorting and filtering options. Customized options include the use of imagery, maps, project layouts and plans of specific locations. On demand, you can access specific test reports and project documents related to the detailed scope of work while maintaining the larger picture project overview.
ARIAS has utilized MetaField™ on all of our projects since October, 2012. With the implementation of MetaField’s™ web-based technology, each ARIAS Field Technician and Project Manager was issued a smart phone handheld device in order to input, review and send data (based on permission settings) in the MetaField™ system. In addition, all ARIAS Project Managers were also given access to a MetaField™ internet desktop module, complete with dashboard and notifications when new tests are entered on one of their projects. Once test data is entered by the Field Technician, the Project Manager is able to view/review the results in real time, provide quality control of the field information and test results, generate and sign test reports, and deliver reports to the client and other project team members electronically. The test reports have typically been delivered within 24 hours after data collection, and as quickly as 10 minutes after data collection in critical instances. This has allowed the contractors to accelerate soils and base placement, asphalt placement, rework/retesting, and acceptance of critical portions of work to allow progression of the schedule; all without compromising the integrity of the quality assurance and/or quality control programs.